I am not sure how to proceed with installing a Digi AccelePort Xp 8 port in a Dell PowerEdge running Netware 6.5 (patched up-to-date).

The drivers seem to load OK, but (a) dgrascfg fails to load, saying there are no cards installed, and (b) the documentation refers to using Novells’s NIASCFG, which does not come with Netware 6.5, so I don’t know how to proceed. Is there an installation guide for this card on Netware 6.5?

INETCFG appears to be able to see the card via its Boards option (but I have not saved any settings, since from what I read, I should only be doing this for ISDN setups - I want to use the Digi for dial-in access).

Any ideas as to how I should proceed?

Ciaran Costelloe