Accessing Hopping Patterns


I am using the Xbee Pro S3B with firmware version 8074 connected to the SparkFun explorer USB board. I am currently running tests in which I use the throughout tool to send random data packets across the 915 MHz band. Currently, I am only using one coordinator and one end device. I am using an oscilloscope as a spectrograph to view the frequency domain of the packet transmissions, but I have encountered a problem: frequency hopping.

Eventually I’d like to move to a cheaper receiver, in which I will only be able to view the spectrum in MATLAB. However, due the frequency hopping nature of these devices, I cannot get an accurate plot.

Is there a way to access the frequency hopping patterns these devices use?

No there is not. it is a pseudorandom pattern that would be bad if Digi was to open that to the public.

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Can’t believe I didn’t think of this… Thanks.