Ad_Hoc network and WI-ME

I am working with an WI-ME module plug an play firmware 82000977_f1

Wen i use an access point everything its OK

When i use an pcmcia (Netgear RangeMax)card and i am trying to establish an Ad-Hoc connection the follow think happens

The pc card status is connected
I can see the module on the Digi device Discovery and i can change the Ip but i cant ping the module or open the web interface
The yellow(left)led on the module stay on for 5sec and then off for 1 sec

Authentication is open
Encryption is disabled
firewall is disabled

any Ideas ???



The problem came from the firmware

i update the firmware (POST and EOS) and now everything is fine

the 5sec on 1sec off yellow led flashing i guess is the connection status for Ad Hoc , instead of always on that is the connection status for an access point …