Adding Flash Storage

So I have been looking at how to extend the storage capabilities of the 9210 to store large quantities of data over time. So far I know that I can use SD up to 2Gig via some sort of header off of the FIM. While this is not a huge cost I was toying with the idea of using flash chips directly on my final PCB. I would like to have around 2 Gigs of storage space that I can write to and access via FTP and WebDav. However in looking Serial Flash does not appear to be available in that large of a quantity. Has anyone else done a design using flash in quantities at ore beyond 2 gig?


Just an idea, get the header version of the ME, configure the second port as SPI master, and then you can use any type of SPI memory you want.


I would go with the FIM + SD card route, you can use it with the FAT Filesystem API. Just keep in mind that the card has to be inserted upon powering and can’t leave the slot until it’s powered down.

What do you mean by the Header version of the Connect ME? Not sure I know what product that is.


The development version of the ME. It comes with an additional connector so you have access to two ports on it instead of one.


An additional note, for SPI, you need the ME9210.



This is what we are doing but I am running into all sorts of issues. Could I have s short phone or email conversation with you? I can be reached at

What issues are you running into?