FAT File System To Mass Storage Device Sample

I’m in the need to add some mass storage to a NS9360 powered device. So I tried the sample mentioned in the subject with the NS9360 evaluation board, which gives me the option to try a SD card and a CF card.

The results are frustrating:

  • I tried several SD cards, but none of them really worked well. Randomly they are recognized, but most of the time I get error messages saying e.g. “SD/MMC device did not respond”, “MMCreset_card() failed, error 0”, “MMCread_sector() failed, error -13” or “Command response high bit not 0”. It’s far away from working reliably; sometimes changing the baudRate of the SPI bus did help, but most of the time it did not help.

  • A CF card did not work at all. I set the jumpers on JMP2 to the configuration were CompactFlash should work, but it didn’t work at all - f_initvolume always returns with return code 16. As the function cf_init passed as initialization function is not present in source I have no clue what may be the cause of the failure.

Do you have any recommendations/hints on how to get this to work? It’s really frustrating that a sample application made for the evaluation board does not work.

Make sure you’re using the latest patches and when you’re doing your testing, that you’ve inserted the card before powering on the dev board. I.E., turn off the board, plug in the SD Card, power on the board, execute the code you want to run.