Adding Flash

Hi Members,

May I populate the empty place of the 32M Flash option on my 4010 core module? :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=experteam;100]Hi Members,

May I populate the empty place of the 32M Flash option on my 4010 core module? :)[/quote]

Well, you can if:
[li]You’re an expert with a soldering iron, these parts are NOT easy to solder and you can easily damage a board if you’re not careful.
[/li][li]You don’t mind voiding the warranty on your core module.
[/li][li]You understand you could easily damage the module, making it useless.
[/li][li]You’re willing to deal with customized code as your module will still report itself as a 4010, which the development system will assume DOES NOT have NAND flash on board.
So if none of the above discourages you, then let me point you in the right direction. On page 5 of the RCM40x0 schematic which you can get from the Rabbit website there is an options box for the NAND flash. It shows the additional parts that need to be installed beyond just the flash chip. It also shows three resistors that need to be removed. The NAND flash chip needed for 32MB of storage is a Samsung K9F5608 device in a TSOP1 package, it is not that easy to find. You will most likely need to get it from a large distributor like Arrow ( Good luck.

Dear bsprouse,

Thank you for your quick response. At the moment I do not need more
I agree for future experiments it will be more safe to use external
Although I am experienced in SMD assembly, it does not dear to risk the
module. In the future I can buy an extra 4000 module if necessary.

After using other micros, I started with the Rabbit processors now.
For a
first look a lot of strange things are to understand.
As a first experiment I decided to realize an application which was
using Microchip PIC 16F628. The mat capabilities were too weak, I hope
avoid this problem with the RABBIT 4000.