Adding/replacing additional hardware on used DigiTransport WR44

I want to add the possibility to have a local phone line with the digitransport.

  1. Is it possible with the P1 option (PSTN) to connect a regular phone are get/send calls on it?
  2. Is it possible to replace the current A3 module (3 serials) with a PSTN module?

The P1 option allows the Transport to make and recive data calls over a PSTN network.

you would needed to talk to your local reseller but i dont think the cards can be bought separately they are diffrent options at purchase of the router

I understand that the P1 option (PSTN) connects to a regular phone line and therefore not able to add a regular phone line.
There is option P3 (DialServ) which simulates a line to enable connecting to an analog modem of old systems.
Is it possible with the P3 option (DialServ) to add a regular phone to send and receive calls?
If not, Is there another option that enable such connection?

Hi the transport range does not support Voice calls