Cellular Modules supported


I’d like to know which cellular modules are currently supported on the Transport range of products.

Also - is it possible to add the cellular module at a later stage as an option ? i.e. purchase a model without cellular option (I’m referring to HSDPA/HSUPA) and add a cellular option later on.


I would talk to your Digi sales rep. Currently I do not see an option on our web site to purchase a TransPort without the cellular option. However, it may be possible.
Which modules are supported vary with the model TransPort and with the country in which it will be used. Also, which modules are supported may vary over time. Did you have something specifc in mind?

Thanks for your quick response - for instance let’s take the DR64x0 or corresponding new Digi P/N. Is it possible to purchase without a cellular module and fit it at a later stage ?

See our previous guidance about talking to your Digi Sales Rep.

If you are interested in the DR64, I can understand why you may wish to know the answers.
You may wish to use the TransPort now with the DSL line and later add the cellular module when and if you want this alternative
connection ability.

As the firmware changes, module support changes, ususally adding additional modules.
Here is how you can check to see which modules are supported is teh current firmware version.
You don’t actually have to have a TransPort to do this.
Download and install the latest Flashwrite utility.
Download and unzip the firmware for the TransPort in which you are interested.
There will be a .ini and a .all file
Run Flashwriter and pretend to want to Load the .all file via the serial connection.
Follow the prompts. One of the popups will allow you to browse the list of supported modules.
It is still recommended that you talk to sales, as there is currently no option to order a TransPort without a module.
If you are able to to do so, you would probably have to send in the DR later to get the module added, taking it out of service for you.
My suggestion is to see if you can order a DR64 with the Gobi module. This way you get all of the hardware installed.
Then, when the time comes, you can run the Gobi configuration wizard, settng the Gobi to the carrier and type of service you require.
Notify the carrier and request the SIM or activation of the module.
You would pay for the module up front, but, no service charges until you activate.
You would not have to take your TransPort out of service.

Thank you !
That’s very useful indeed :slight_smile:

Question: I’ve got a HR4110 handy at the moment

  1. It was replaced by the WR41 correct ?
  2. Does it have the same module support as the DR64 models ?


  1. Correct.
    2, Follow the instruction above except substitute WR41 for DR64 and verify, but, I believe the answer is yes.

Thanks again ! :slight_smile:

Another question - are there public release notes available for each DR64 or WR41 Transport release ?

(as is the case for other Digi products)

Thank you !

Sorry, no.

Hi !

How do we get visibility on changes made between different firmware versions ? This is super important…


The firmware release notes generally contain this information.

Great !
Where can I find these release notes ?