Addressing in Comand Mode

Hello, I am seeing the differents AT commands of the XBee-PRO 868 Module, and I would like to know with wich parameter the receiver module compares the destination address (DH&DL) of the input packet to know if this packet is for itself.

I think that maybe is with the serial number (SH&SL) because both parameters have the same length, but I think that is not very easy to use differents serial numbers when you have few number of modules. There are also a parameter MY, that is named in the node discover (ND) explanation, but I can’t see nothing more about it in the rest of the document.

Someone can explain me this please, I’m very confused.

Sorry about my english…

Thanks for all!!

You are correct. If the local modules DH = remote modules SH, and local modules DL = remote modules SL, the packet will be sent there.

The DH, DL values are the 64 bit address. The MY value is the 16 bit address.