assign addresses

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I need to change the address of origin “MY” and destination “DL”

XBee XB24-ZB

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you can’t change the value of ‘MY’. This address is assigned automatically while a module joines a network.

The way to change the value of ‘DL’ depends on your firmware your module use.
I recommend Digi’s X-CTU. With this tool you can change the values of your module.


Since ZB is a ZigBee model, the value of MY cannot be changed so that Mr. awaiK may say.

And more, when specifying the address of an addressee, a 64-bit extension address is specified also using DH together with DL.

The specification procedure from AT command mode is as follows.


Friends, thanks for answering. (sorry for language)
Already changed DL (receiver and it works fine)
As I can assign a different source?
I do not want to use addresses of the modules


(sorry for language)

Hello, to change the source address

I read that this can only be done with API commands, it is true ?

Why do you want to change your source address?

I read that this can only be done with API commands, it is true
Where did you read this?

(sorry for language)

I need to communicate 2 Xbee, no broadcast mode, I need that the PIC’s assigns directions. I do not need to use the Xbee serial.

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I believe you want to change the destination address.

I attached a picture. Is that what you want?

You need to know the 64bit address of your XBee module you want to send data.

only be with Xbee serial code SH and SL?
it can assign arbitrary values​​ ?

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You also might want to check out Node Identifier addressing. Check the product manual for the following commands (or my book on page 202) that allow you to use ASCII text strings to identify and address the radios:


Thank you very much for responding.

Truth does not understand how to apply, I will study a little

DH =?
DL =?
NI =?