Xbee destination node question


I have a question about my the setting of the destination node.

Attachment is my scenario, the xbee1, bee2 and bee3 will keep sending data back to gateway(Since they will be connected with the MCU, I can use MCU to send commands to the Xbee already). Think about If oneday we add one node into this network, we can know the information of this new node from gateway by using command “ATND”. That calls this new node Xbee4, I have to change the sending destination of Xbee4 to my gateway. How can I use the gateway to change the sending destination of other nodes?

If I can, how can I do that? If I can’t, is any other approach can implement this function?

Please help, I try to solve this problem for a while.

Many Thanks


One option is to send an API packet to the intended target to change it’s DH and DL values. It’s going to depend on the firmware you’re using. If your using ZB for instance, page 85, example 3, is fairly close to what you want to do:

I can’t remember off the top of my head how to do it in AT mode though.

As a side note, firmwares 802.15.4, by default has a DH and DL of 0’s (coordinators address).

Firmwares ZB, Znet, and Digi Mesh, by default, sets DH and DL to the broadcast address (DH=0, DL=0000FFFF). So that might not scale well if you don’t change it.



Thanks for your reply.

I will look into the information you provided.

Thanks a lot