Adhoc joiner not associated xbee WiFi

I have two Xbee S6B (firmware 2024) connected in transparent mode, UDP. Sometimes happens that when I turn off the Joiner for some period of time and then power it up, the joiner don´t get associated with the creator. When I reset the creator they both associate and keep working fine. Any idea of what could be happening. It is supposed that association shall be automatic.

Sound like the creator still thinks that the joiner is still associated. What happens if you do a local network reset (ATNR0) on the creator?

Ok. I will try to do some testing in lab. The problem is that these devices are installed in remote sites and when this happens you have to go to the site to apply the reset, and this is not fine.

You can always issue a global network reset form the Joiner before you power it off. (ATNR1)