XBee router join to other Coordinator without reset

have an XBee router and two XBee Coordinator configured with the same PAN ID (1234 in all). My goal is that initially, the router is connected to coordinator 1. While it is connected, I disconnect coordinator 1 and connect coordinator 2 (the router does not disconnect it), once coordinator 2 is connected, I want the router join with coordinator 2 but it does not (it keeps join coordinator 1 parameters), I have to disconnect / connect the router so that it connects/join to the new network (to coordinator 2). I have seen that with the NW (Network Watchdog Timeout) option after a while the router disconnects and connects to the new network, but it takes too long. Is there any way that when the router is connected to coordinator 1 and I turn it off and connect coordinator 2 it can connect to it without having to reboot the router? thanks you.

What you are trying to do is replace the coordinator. There are directions in the manual for performing that function. If you are not using the router functions to forward data, I would suggest using the 802.15.4 firmware instead.