XBee Modules not connecting - setup on one ConnectPort, deployed with another

We setup modules on PAN “A” with a connect port.
We then installed modules (many) and another ConnectPort coordinator was set to “A”.
All things defaults. JV=0, NW=60.
Power-on had many connect then “go away”.
We cannot easily access these modules - we are fined for re-entry.
There are likely some weak signals on the original (at least 50 modules), and routers are required.

We subsequently set JV=1 and NW=10 for new modules and they have connected.

Could those others form a non-coordinator network since they were already on a network before (old coordinator?)
Or - are they just disconnected and only try every 3*NW timeout? Don’t see their old coordinator, then just go dormant for a while?

Is there possibly a way to get “on their network(s)” and change their settings through XCTU (if we got our hands on one module?)
Note: We have already walked around with coordinators and routers on their channel and PAN, but most never connected - their network address will be different.

Or - do we just have to suck it up and go back in (bad yams!)


If you are looking for replacing a new Coordinator with other, refer page number 39 of the following product manual in case of ZigBee, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000976_P.pdf