Moving coordinator XBee-PRO S2B


I would like to develop a movable coordinator. I got a router and 5 End Devices in a Network. The router is configured with JV = 0x00, so I can take away my coordinator and my battery-powerded Sleepy End Devices can talk to the router respectively they consuming less Energy. In this case I could call the router the “contact-person” if the coordinator is away. I have to take away the coordinator because I’ve another place with a router and 6 End Devices. This network has to talk to the PLC which is connected to the coordinator, too. It isn’t meaningful to setup a second PLC with a second coordinator because of the high price for the PLC. Furthermore if the first Network is used the second isn’t used and vice versa.

I hope you understand my problem. So the question is, how can I ensure that the coordinator always starts with the same configuration that the router (respectively end devices) in each network can talk to it.
I set up:

  • PAN ID with a non-zero value
  • Channel Mask to a non-variable Channel
  • does the value OI (operating 16-Bit PAN ID) changes every time I power up my coordinator?

I use the ZigBee Pro Feature Set.
Thank you for help

Sounds like you would be better off using the XBee 802.15.4 modules or change it so that the coordinators stay and a router or End device travels which is how the standard was designed.

I’ve searched in the datasheet and find an answer for my own question. The coordinator only start a new network if stepcial parameters are changed or if special frames are send to it (for example a CB =0x04 or NR=1 Network Reset).
If I just power down my coordinator and power it on later, than the network should be the same, inclusive the channel and the pan id.