Coordinator reset

Hi all,
I have network with 1 coordinatorAT, 4 routerAT , 17 ED -AT. When Coordinator resets (due power failure for example), routers do not connect to coordinator - and need reset too. What we see - Coordinator changes 16-bit PAN ID - and maybe this is reaon. But there is no way to set this value. Any suggestions? How to avoid router’s reset?

If you are using the ZB firmware try changing the JV(Channel Verification) to enable for the routers and this will make them find a coordinator.

Problem occurs when coordinator fails (mainly from power-lost) AND changes “OI -Operating 16 bit PAN ID” .
After coordinator re-powering we see network is not established , “OI” is changed, routers do not connect, until they are restarted. Parameter “JV” is settled to “1”.
Default ZS=2, scan channels SC=40hex.
We are still in trouble.

My only other suggestion is to try the “II” command. See page 32 of the manual.

Our coordinator ZB-AT ,f.version=2041
does not make any response to “II” command.
And we can’t see any reaction after sending “II”.

Sorry and thanks,
ATII command works .
Now we must imagine how to use this for best results.
By the way - we use endpoints and routers as transparent devices. And maybe we will need to change this.

Can You point to manual ,where “many-to-one” messaging is described wider?

Digi just posted an updated 2x41 ZB manual here:

Pgs 45-49 talk about many to one and source routing. Many to one routing is used to create routes from many routers into a central data collector (i.e. gateway). Source routing enables the gateway to send data to the many remotes without requiring route discoveries.

These are typically useful if you could have more than 40 routers in the network.