Please Help me with reliability ZB modules


I have only small network:
Coordinator and 2 routers, running on PANID=240
and using only single channel=13 selected with command

All working good, but
when I use on coordinator command ATNR0, routers lost connectivity to coordinator. Only command ATNR1 on any router will reformat the network and routers have connectivity to coordinator.

The question is, why we are using the ATNR0 on router?

We have 30 routers on long line with 25m distances between routers. In this situation it is needed to hoping messages. When there are approximately 8 hops, network crash down and routers have no connectivity to coordinator. Only command ATNR1 from nearest router will establish connectivity.

Please help me, I dont know why the connection lost with PANID is same on all , and channel also.



The ATNR0 command is a local network reset. It is intended to reset the network settings on the local node you are issuing the command to only. If you want to reform the network, then the global network reset (ATNR1) should be used.