Is Network Reset triggered by ATNR1 command specific to XBee products?

I am currently working on the integration project, where XBee S2C Zigbee module is used as ZC for other 3rd party wireless devices acting as ZEDs in the star topology network. I want to understand better the network reset scenario triggered by ATNR1 command. Whenever I send ATNR1 through the serial interface of ZC (instead of just ATNR without parameter) I see an extra APS Broadcast packet sent in addition to the Network Leave packet (see details below). I didn’t found a match in Zigbee documentation for this particular packet and thus I want to understand if it is specific to XBee devices or standard one.

IEEE 802.15.4 [10 bytes]

  • PHY Header: 0x27
  •  Packet Length: 39
  • Frame Control: 0x8841
  •  Frame Type: Data (1)
  •  Security Enabled: false
  •  Frame Pending: false
  •  Ack Required: false
  •  Intra Pan: true
  •  Frame Version: 2003 (0)
  •  Reserved: 0x00
  •  Destination Address Mode: Short (2)
  •  Source Address Mode: Short (2)
  • Sequence: 0xB7
  • Destination PAN ID: 0x7A91
  • Short Destination Address: 0xFFFF
  • Short Source Address: 0x0000
    ZigBee Network [16 bytes]
  • Frame Control: 0x1008
  •  Frame Type: Data (0)
  •  Protocol Version: 0x02
  •  Discover Route: Suppress (0)
  •  Multicast: false
  •  Security: false
  •  Source Route: false
  •  Long Dest Present: false
  •  Long Source Present: true
  •  End Device Initiator: false
  • Destination Address: Broadcast: All devices (0xFFFF)
  • Source Address: 0x0000
  • Radius: 0x1E
  • Sequence: 0x3C
  • Long Source Address: 0013A20040B24B9C
    ZigBee Application Support [8 bytes]
  • Frame Control: 0x08
  •  Frame Type: Data (0)
  •  Delivery Mode: Broadcast (2)
  •  Indirect Address Mode: Dest Endpoint Present (0)
  •  Security Enabled: false
  •  Ack Required: false
  •  Extended Header Present: false
  • Destination Endpoint: 0xE6
  • Cluster Identifier: 0x0022
  • Profile Identifier: 0xC105
  • Source Endpoint: 0xE6
  • APS Counter: 0x57
    Application Payload [4 bytes]
    Radio Info EM35x [5 bytes]
  • CRC: 0x8778
  • LQI: 255 (0x00)
  • RSSI: -63 dBm (0x5B)
  • Status: 0x41
  •  Channel: 15 (4)
  •  Tx/Rx: Rx (0)
  •  RxCond: Rx filtered, wrong address (1)

This is a command specific to the XBee. I believe it is equivalent to API Frame 0x17 Remote AT Command Request using the broadcast address in order to send an NR command to every device. The command is over the Digi profile on a custom cluster so won’t be processed by non-XBee devices. If you inspect the payload you should see the ASCII code for “NR” embedded within it.

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Although I cannot recognize NR command in ASCII in the payload (see HEX dump below), I got your idea that this frame is specific to XBee. It’s enough for me. Thanks.
27 41 88 B9 91 7A FF FF 00 00 08 10 FF FF 00 00 1E 3C 9C 4B B2 40 00 A2 13 00 08 E6 22 00 05 C1 E6 57 00 00 00 00 26 C0 00 5B 41

Looking into it a little more, seems cluster 0x21 is the Remote AT Command cluster. 0x22 appears special just for the remote NR.

Hi @jlovinger,
Which specification are you referring to? If we are talking about ZDO, as far as I understand, Cluster ID 0x0022 refers to Unbind_req. I assume you have some other, XBee specific, reference.

Having a hard time finding public documentation on the Digi profile (0xC105). There are documents with incidental sample payloads and off-hand references but nothing that puts it all together. Suffice to say the NR1 command is definitely XBee specific and not related to the ZDO.