Mismatch Between Different Modules

I have purchased 15 pcs of XBEE Series 2 modules. They were of firmware 1.x.2.1. I updated them to 1041 & 1241. Now I am having a problem.

Lets Take Case: A is AT-Coordinator B & C are AT-Router

I only changed PAN-ID to 110 of these modules. I am able to scan (ATND) both B & C.

I powered off all modules. took another module D (AT-Coordinator with same parameters as of A). I am unable to scan B & C by ATND. but when i replaced D by A, I was able to scan the network and also make connection to individual modules.

Few day back, i faced this problem. A (Coordinator) was communicating with B & C ( Routers) but wasn’t able to communicate with E ( Router). B,C & E have same settings, i also took settings from B and applied it to E via X-CTU.
Another coordinator D was able to scan E but not B & C.

The coordinators A & D had same settings and one coordinator was power on at a time ( all devices were powered off & on again after replacing coordintor). I tried much but was unable to make them all communicate with one coordintor. so I updated all modules firmwares but no positive results were obtained. I updated again (replacing routers with coordinators and vice versa) , I was able to make them all on single network.

Is there anything else I am missing ? ( or is there any hardware mismatch ?)

One more scenario:
A(Coordinator) was working fine with B & C (Routers) with PAN-ID=234

I changed PAN-ID of C with 110, scanned network by A (PANID=234), was able to scan B only. Then i gave command ATID110 to A, then scanned again, I wasn’t able to scan C. so I gave command ATID234 and scanned for B, i was unable to scan B either. I powered off all modules and powered again, I am unable to scan B or C from A. A & B have same PAN ID( they were working fine previously)

To connect routers with coordinator the PANID must be the same on both coordinator and routers.

What was the PANID of module D?

Did You use atwr command to save changes. If You did not use atwr command, after power off setting will be lost?

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please be careful using multiple coordinators.
A coordinator upon reset (like with changing PANID) will scan all channels as per SC parameter to find and autoselect the one which has least energy. Am sure if you check your coordinators, although having the same PANID they will be on different channels.
In order to replace a coordinator you will have to know the channel AND PANID and force the module to take the channel by only having the bit enabled in SC of this specific channel.

All of the devices belonged to same PAN-ID. The settings of modules were changed by X-CTU. ( so it was saved in V Space). I cross checked it by reading the parameters after powering off/on to recheck that the parameters are saved or not

*V Space= NV Space

Thanks For Support. I got a reply from Digi Support Team. They said that whenever we change the coordinator, we have to send ATR0 command on Routers/End Devices, cause they store the address of coordinator in their memory. I checked it and my problem seems resolved. I haven’t done much tests but I think that it is resolvd now.