Aggregate Routes API Mode

I have many non-sleeping nodes that must transmit to a central aggregator node. Each node transmits once every 3 seconds and there are 50 nodes and one central aggregator. The nodes are set to AP = Micropython REPL [4].

Transmissions are initiated in micropython using: xbee.transmit(aggregator MAC, bytes_to_transmit).

Would I benefit from setting the DH/DL on each of the 50 nodes to the MAC of the central aggregator even though I am not using transparent mode?

In the documentation regarding “build aggregate routes” it speaks to setting the DH/DL can help reduce overhead which sounds like a big help for my application, but it seems to imply this is only for transparent mode?

That is a function for transparent mode and not going to help in Micro Python mode.

Now setting the DL and DH in this case would help only in anyone who is performing maintenance of knowing the MAC address of the AG module. It would also let you know that your code is reporting that this is the node that is the AG module.