AIO doesn't return expected values for current loop without 250ohm resistor

My AIO adapter doesn’t return the expected values from my current loop unless I include a 250ohm resistor to ground.

I thought there was supposed to be an internal resistor to ground. Is there something I need to do to enable the internal resistor?

Here is my config for the AIO. All 4 inputs are configured for current loop.

Configuration of device:

   aggregation (AR): 255 (x 10 sec)
     assoc_led (LT): 0 (x 10 msec)
broadcast_hops (BH): 0
    cluster_id (CI): 0x11

conflict_reports (CR): 3
dest_addr (DH/DL):
dest_endpoint (DE): 0xe8
dio0_config (D0): 2
dio1_config (D1): 2
dio2_config (D2): 2
dio3_config (D3): 2
dio4_config (D4): 4
dio5_config (D5): 1
dio6_config (D6): 4
dio7_config (D7): 4
dio8_config (D8): 4
dio10_config (P0): 4
dio11_config (P1): 3
dio12_config (P2): 4
dio13_config (P3): 5
dio_detect (IC): 0x0 (bitfield)
discover_timeout (NT): 60 (x 100 msec)
encrypt_enable (EE): 0
encrypt_options (EO): 0x0 (bitfield)
ext_pan_id (ID): 0x0000000000000000
join_time (NJ): 255 (sec)
join_notification (JN): 0
join_verification (JV): 0
link_key (KY):
max_hops (NH): 30
network_watchdog (NW): 0 (min)
node_id (NI): Well Monitor
polling_rate (PO): 0 (x 10 msec)
power_level (PL): 4
power_mode (PM): 1
pullup_enable (PR): 0x1fff (bitfield)
rssi_timer (RP): 40 (x 100 msec)
sample_rate (IR): 10000 (msec)
scan_channels (SC): 0x3fff (bitfield)
scan_duration (SD): 3 (exponent)
sleep_count (SN): 1
sleep_mode (SM): 0
sleep_options (SO): 0x0 (bitfield)
sleep_period (SP): 32 (x 10 msec)
sleep_time (ST): 5000 (msec)
source_endpoint (SE): 0xe8
stack_profile (ZS): 0
supply_threshold (V+): 2000 (mvolts)
wake_host_delay (WH): 0 (msec)

What are your switches set to? Have you read the adapter user guide for it?

I did read the user guide as well as the code that was bundled along with the Digi ESP dev environment. I have to be overlooking something or there is an undocumented quirk with this adapter.

Looks like you missed the PR command.

Are you saying that I missed the documentation on the PR command or that I am missing it in my configuration?

I used what I thought would be an appropriate value based on Digi’s own ESP dev environment. That is really the reason I am confused. I used what I would have thought was a reference implementation and I’m getting unexpected results. I came here hoping someone familiar with this device could tell me why that is.

This was what I found in their libraries for the AIO.

Assert input pull-ups

xbee_ddo_cfg.add_parameter(‘PR’, 0x1fff)

What I am saying is that you need to configure the PR command to the desired value.

If this is in your code in the configuration area, then yes that should have enabled all of the pull ups.

Assert input pull-ups

xbee_ddo_cfg.add_parameter(‘PR’, 0x1fff)

But it does not appear to be in the correct location in your code for it to perform that function.