All WiMEs have 4MB flash?

I have a Digi WiMe with JTAG with part number DC-WME-01T-JT and part number on the module as P/N: 5000880-03 P.
Can someone please confirm that this has 4MB of Flash and 8MB of RAM?
do all WiMEs across all their versions (C, S, JTAG etc) have 4MB of flash?

The DC-ME-01T-JT has 2MB of FLASH.
The DC-ME4-01T-JT has 4MB of FLASH.

So I would assume that the DC-WME-01T-JT has 2MB of FLASH. I would look for a DC-WME4-01T-JT if I were you.

I was told the MEs come in 2MB and 4MB options however all WiMEs come in 4MB flash only. Perhaps not, thank you for clarifying.

Well I was only guessing, but it seemed logical. Have you read the specs?

It appears that I was wrong.


ConnectME has 2 options: 2MB or 4MB FLASH
ConnectWiME has always 4MB FLASH

All come with 8MB of SDRAM