Amount of user block in RCM6750.

Hi guys.
From the RCM6750 user manual, the user block memory for it is 0-1FFF. Is there anyway to increase it?
I have tested RCM2200 too but could not find the amount of user block memory stated anywhere on its user manual. I have tried in the coding and seems like it can reach more than 2FFF. Do you know the amount of user block for RCM2200?

Hello, There is a sample application userblock_info.c under Dynamic C installation path below

If you run this application on the module, it will show the user block size on the module.

You can change the size of the userblock with the Write_ID_Block utilities which are available at the same website where you download Dynamic C.

Section 5.2.3 User Block of the User manual has additional information.