I have a problem with the variables web in RCM6760

Hi, I need to save some variables in non volatile memory, I use the User block for this, however when I load the web page I can not see the values, in some values I can see “garbage”,

I use this code in RCM3720 and works good, but now I use the RCM6760 and have issues with the variables visualization , could be problems with the user block in RCM6760? how many bytes can I save in user block in the RCM6760?

I use the next code for save and load diferent data and I have included the “idblock_api.lib” library

 void v_SaveLoadFlashConfigTCP(char cSaveLoad){
//Lee o alamacena datos en memoria para las direcciones IP
//Parte de la posicion de memoria 0.
int iSize;

   if (cSaveLoad==1){//Load
      readUserBlock(&sttNetwork, 0, iSize);
        // printf(" 
 error de lectura en memoria 

      writeUserBlock(0, (void*)&sttNetwork, iSize);
 error de ESCRITURA en memoria 


where sttNetwork is a structure with size of 24 bytes.

thanks for your attention

Hello, I can not say what exactly the problem.But I can suggest you that , Check the user block sample applications that comes with the Dynamic C 10.72 under below path


With the userblock_info.c, you can check,how much user block you can use in RCM6760.