Analog/digitial ground on XBee SX 868


does anybody know if there is a seperate analog ground PIN on the XBee SX 868 module? Or are these two grounds (digital and analog) tight together on the same PINs?

What is the total accuracy of the 4 ADCs?
I measure a 1.000 Ohm resistor with results between 995 and 1.005 Ohm powered with a Li-Ion battery to get a smooth voltage at the ADC PIN. My level shifter is connected to ON/SLEEP with a 4.900 resistor in series to use the internal 1.25V reference voltage.
Is there any low pass filter active on the XBee SX 868 ┬ÁC?

There is only one ground on that product and it is used for everything.

It is a 10 bit ADC from 0 to 1.25V.

No, there is no external low pass filter used on the ADC lines.

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