Android device connector

Is it possible for me to add bunch of zigbee devices behind an Android tablet (any general purpuse tablet) and see all the sensor nodes as devices on iDigi? Can I accomplish this using iDigi android connector? How should I proceed? Thanks


At the moment I think that is not possible in an easy way. I mean, you first neet to connect an XBee device to the Android device and configure it to be the coordinator. To do so you can use some Android Open Accessory Kit (like the Arduino one) that would allow you to connect external hardware to Android. The other option is to wait for an standard XBee device peripheral for Android.

After that, you would need some kind of Android-XBee API to work and communicate with the coordinator device, so you can control the whole XBee network. That is on the way.

Then, the iDigi connector for Android would need to be extended to support the XBee stack so it can be accessed and controlled from iDigi. As an alternative you could create your custom application which talks with the iDigi connector and controls the XBee network.

Hope that helps.