How do i interface android wifi with xbee ?

sorry i dont understand your question.

are you asking how to interface Xbee Wifi to Digi Android Kit?
Which android kit do you have?

Or are you asking how to interface Xbee Wifi with a third party android device?

sorry about my questions, I am new to this My question is i am having android Smart phone and want to control Xbee which is (without wifi like s2 module) with my phone wifi and want to control some i/o’s of it by sending command to it?

Try out the SoftAP feature of new Xbee S6B modules from firmware version 2021 onwards.

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I am using an IOIO board ( ) to drive my co-ordinator. The IOIO connects either directly via USB or via bluetooth to an Android device.

You can also do it directly via a USB adaptor board but the IOIO environment provides a handy abstraction layer.