WIFI connect xbee (XCTU) and android mobile application (ECLIPSE)


I wonder how to control XBEE via mobile android application written in eclipse.

I’m using XCTU to set up the XBEE wifi connection.
I want to know how to receive infromation from XBEE to android application and how to send infromation from android application to XBEE.

I need to write application which will read one data and display it on mobile phone.
There will also be a button which will immediatly stop the XBEE.

Please, can anyone help me with that?

Thanks, Has

for testing simple application between android application xbee wi-fi module please download the TCP/UDP client app its available in play store.

now connect the wi-fi module to PC using x-ctu and open the app provide the name , IP address of the module and port number of the module.

open the the port now you can able to see the connection status of the module. if module is connected properly you can able to send and receive the data from xbee wi-fi module


for the wi-fi module you mean xbee?

I have sensor ultrasonic for measuring water level which is sending data to arduino promini which is displaying water level on lcd. Now we want to send this from arduino to xbee and from xbee to mobile phone.

So I need to configurate xbee via XCTU and then sending data to android application written in eclipe which will display value of measuring.
I also wanna send bits for start and stop back to arduino.

Any suggestions?

Tnx for your help, Has

I need this information too… I want to test my china web design apps.

Iam also looking for the same, please help me out.


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