anywhere 24 plus

I’m not aable to connect to my 24 plus hub after windows update.
This is a issue on different OS: Win2016,Win2019 and Win10.

I tried following:

  • Delete the client in web GUI
  • Uninstall client sw
  • Reboot the client
  • Install cient sw
  • Create the clietn again in web GUI
    But the client still stay with message “Connecting to hub …”

After recreated the client in web GUI, the Certificate stays as Unavailable.

Local fw on client are disabled.

Clients that I don’t have run windows update on still have connection to the usb hub.

Running this versions:
fw på hub:
client version:
Also tried client version without any luck.

Thanks for your help.

After a power off/on of the usbhub last night, I got connection from all the devices that had lost connection.

Servers/clients still get connection after reboot of server/clients now.

Seems for me that the hub had an issue with connecting clients for some reason.