Anywhere USB 14 port hub Client Config Data


I have 3x 14 port Anywhere USB hubs and they are working perfectly with our industry security dongles.

My only issue is we use these with Vmware View virtual desktops, and when we do a recompose all the client users have to reconfigure their sessions and reconnect the device.

This only happens about once a month when we push out software updates to the pools. But it would be nice if I could script the reconnect process so the users or I don’t have to do it for every client after a recompose.

I was hoping this data was saved to Appdata, but it seems it’s not written there or to the registry. Could you please tell me where it stores the config information on the client side?

The Connection List Manager displays the IP addresses of the AnywhereUSB to which the PC will try to connect. When an IP address is added to this list, the host PC immediately tries to connect to the AnywhereUSB. If an IP Address is deleted from the Connection List, the AnywhereUSB unit will disconnect from the host PC and return to an Available for Host Connection state.

That doesn’t really answer the question, I know how it works just not where it saves client config data on the client side.

For example when I hit configure and I update the group number on the client side then hit connect where is it writing that information. It has to be saving it somewhere for the next boot to auto connect the device.