Anywhere USB Keeps Crashing\Rebooting

Hi All:

We are working on getting Anywhere USB to work with a VMWare ESX server, but are having some issues with the unit.

The drivers were installed successfully and the AW unit is recognized (Firmware Ver. 1.45.55, Hardware Rev. B, most up-to-date drivers). However, the unit will only stay up for 26 seconds before rebooting or crashing on its own. Additionally, the Event Log shows this error:

00006282 ! Assertion Failed in “rusbsys.c” Line 414
Firmware v1.45.55 Uptime 26 sec
Registers: 08065C3D 08065C69 0000019E 00072697
0033FECC 0033FECC 0006C420 00000000
00000022 0000019E 08065C3D 08065C69
08065C3D 0033FD8C 0800C37C 080157C0
Stack: 00000002 00000018 86208B40 00000002
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0033FE70 0033FECC 00000000 00069F34
0033FE2C 0033FE0C 0800C27C 0800C2D8
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0006D548 0033FE44 0033FE30 08013E7C
0800C210 00000000 0006D548 00000000
0033FE48 0802E210 08013E6C 00000000

This has happened on both a virtual machine and a physical server, running Server 2003 and XP. It also occurs regardless of whether the unit is on the same subnet as the workstation that is making the connection.

I have been unable to find a reference to this particular problem in the knowledge base, so any assistance would be appreciated…

Hello lodge308,

To overcome the rebooting issue, simply update your AnywhereUSB driver to the latest (v1.80) following the instructions in Step 2. Before-hand, though, follow instructions in Step 1 for using the AnywhereUSB with an ESX virtual machine.

Step 1 (ESX workaround):

  1. Copy the file “usbd.sy_” from the Windows CD that matches your Virtual Machine (the Guest Operating System) to c:\windows(or winnt)\system32\drivers, then rename the file to “usbd.sys”.

  2. Open the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility from the start menu, click “View / Driver Information / Uninstall” and reboot that Virtual Machine when prompted.

Step 2 (AnywhereUSB driver update to v1.80):

  1. Download the AnywhereUSB driver version 1.80 and save it to your desktop:

  2. Double-click awusb180.exe and continue through the installation. Afterwards, the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility should launch automatically.

  3. Click “Edit / Connection List” and delete all entries. Also delete all entries in “Edit / Discovery List”.

  4. Disconnect all USB devices from the AnywhereUSB.

  5. Immediately after the AnywhereUSB reboots (as soon as it appears on the left-hand side of the Configuration Utility, from the rebooting issue), highlight the AnywhereUSB and then click the “Connect” button. You should get the 1st of 5 found new hardware wizards. Choose “No, not this time” if prompted to connect to Windows Update, then choose “Install the software automatically (Recommended)”. Repeat the process for all 5 wizards.

  6. Once the AnywhereUSB is installed and ready for use, the five hub port LEDs on the front panel should be solid green. Now plug a USB device into the AnywhereUSB and test it.


From what you’re telling me here it really looks like you’ve installed the 1.32 drivers which have this rebooting issue.

Please run the uninstaller in the AnywhereUSB configuration utility, reboot and then re run the 1.80 drivers off our website.

Try it all again.

Please email me your results via email.

Updating the driver fixed the rebooting issue. However, after moving the concentrator (which required unplugging the power supply and plugging it back in), the concentrator doesn’t show up in the configuration utility. It sits there with the green flashing lights. The unit is set for DHCP, and the VLAN has a DHCP server…

We had the same problem (rebooting after 26 seconds), the software 1.80 resolved this problem…