AnywhereUSB_14 automation of switching on and off of ports

Yes AnywhereUSB_14
Flash drives are inserted into it, which are forwarded to the Windows Server virtual machine.
You need to automate turning a specific group of ports on and off after rebooting the Windows Server virtual machine.

How can I control the AnywhereUSB_14 ports via powershell or other tools so that I can schedule this action into the Windows task schedule when Windows starts?

Hello @Sofr , we don’t have much about Windows Powershell automation of the AWUSB 14 (G2), but I’d recommend taking a look at the following, as you’d want to setup Powershell with the AWUSB driver’s CLI commands:

As for the product itself, it’s been EOL’d in favor of the AnywhereUSB Plus (G3), which you’ll find here: