USB Anywhere info needed


I tried replying to the support email sent from Digi and it fails, so im posting it on the thread now

last email recived from:


We have purchased Anywhere USB/14 which we have problems with and we need to repurchase other USB devices.

Our problem:
• We have different lines of business wanting to put their USB device in, this caused a problem as one business needed to hard reset their device.
• Anywhere USB/14 does not have a function to “reboot” individual ports making it useless product to us since if one device fails and needs a reboot the rest of 13 usb devices will be rebooted as well!
• OR is this functionality available and I’m not aware of?

• Use more devices per USB product:
• We will need multiple host availability
• We will need remote access

Anywhere USB TS
• I need more info on this.
o I can see 4 NIC ports on the back on the product. Does this mean each port has its own management console which in hand would enable us to reboot each port in needed?

• This device does have remote management tool, and be able to be setup like Anywhere USB/14 correct?

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.



To answer your first question about the AnywhereUSB/14, it does not offer a feature to “reboot” individual USB ports. I strongly suggest contacting your local Digi sales representative if you’d like to try to get this feature added.

To answer your other question about the AnywhereUSB TS-44, it offers 4 USB ports and 4 RS-232 serial ports. The physical interface of the 4 serial ports is RJ-45. This model has a single NIC.

To answer your final question about the AnywhereUSB/2, all AnywhereUSBs use the exact same software (driver package). The AnywhereUSB/2 is a newer 2nd generation model, which additionally offers a Web UI and CLI.

Thank you for your response. I highly doubt the “sales” team can do anything to help… i have sent several emails with no reply! I got 1 reply and when I replied back the email could not be sent to the recipient. shocking support!

As much as I don’t want to I have to go with Anywhere USB 2 as having 14 devices for several servers causes a huge risk if individual devices cannot be rebooted.

thank you again for replying

You can contact sales Representative for your region to raise an SPR(special Project Request)