AnywhereUSB/5 will not enumerate USB devices

We are using a new Digi USB 5 over Lan on Windows 7 64bit OS. Device manger see’s the the hub but many times the Hub will not enumerate any USB devices (E.g. 5 x FTDI Virtual com ports) without power cycling them. This bad enumeration happens with adding a USB Hub and USB devices fitted to it or without direct to the 5 ports. All device are USB 2.0

Also the documentaion for this product is -10 out of 10 as we had to load lots of bits of programs from diffrent web pages. e.g. Digi device discovery.

The AnywehereUSB program then had to be hand fed the IP address from a strange menu in order for it to run. Having had lots of other Digi products, in the past as a design engineer, most Digi documention is over the top. (writen via the firmware developer and not as a user.) , in the wrong place and linked to the website by Web developers that have no idea about Digi hardware.


Hello Dave,

The AnywhereUSB installation guide, linked just below, should contain enough information to get your unit configured and installed.

However, if it doesn’t, we’re always open to feedback on what we can improve.

Note that, while the Digi Device Discovery Utility can be used to discover an AnywhereUSB (specifically, the newer 2nd generation or “G2” variants), it’s not required, and that’s probably why it’s not mentioned in the AnywhereUSB installation guide. The only thing you “should” need is what we call the AnywhereUSB driver, or the AnywhereUSB driver package, which you can get from our support site by going to then Support / Drivers / AnywhereUSB / your AnywhereUSB model / then selecting your OS from the dropbox at the bottom.

We also have some good KB articles related to the AnywhereUSB:

Specific to your issue, I’ll be glad to help troubleshoot. For starters, what is the re-order part number of your AnywhereUSB/5? Based on that, we can determine if it’s the legacy (1st generation) variant or the newer AnywhereUSB/5 G2 variant.

Which AnywhereUSB driver version are you running? To determine this, click View / Driver Information in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility and note the version of the very first file, awusbsys(64).sys.

Hello Dave. Did you get your questions answered and problems resolved with the AnywhereUSB? Please feel free to contact our support if you have any questions. For the fastest response, please check our Eservice Support portal at


Update device with newer firmware and driver