AnywhereUSB /5 on Windows 7 64 bit


I’ve got an AnywhereUSB / 5 device (first generation) that I want to connect to a virtualized 64 bit Windows 7.
The software installation seems to be successfull and the config utility is able to discover the remote device.
But the windows device manager indicates that no driver has been found for the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub.
I’ve tried to install/update the driver automatically, manually, from the system32 drivers folder, from the AnywhereUSB driver folder and from the Digi driver list (AnywhereUSB Host Controller and Root hub).
I’ve tried to reinstall the whole thing with the 32 bit version and the 64 bit version downloaded on the Digi website.
The usbd.sys file is in place, as expected.
But nothing worked, the device has still no successfull driver installation.
Anyone got a clue, an advice ?
Thanks in advance


Please refer to the below KBase article.

Anywhere USB/5 is obsolete device .
you can refer to the KBase mention