Installing the drivers for AnywhereUSB 5 ports does not work

Does anybody had a problem installing the driver. I can configure the device correctly. That’s easy, and after I
installed the software and try to connect with the device (with no plugged in usb devices) it tries to install the driver (automatically) but after searching for the driver it fails to find any driver for the AnywhereUSB device. Even when I try to configure the driver manually it fails. Driver are installed even the new ones who support Vista and Windows 2008 server.

I have tried it on several machines and operating systems.

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Please try to install the AnywhereUSB on a Windows XP PC then upload the file “setupapi.log” from “c:\windows”.


I’m having the same issue. Installed the device on my XPSP3 machine without issue but when installing it on a Server 2003 (virtual) machine I get the above problems. I’ve gone through the VMware instructions and copied the usbd.sys file accross but no dice.

Any help would be appreciated.



Please try to install the AnywhereUSB on a Windows XP PC then upload the file “setupapi.log” from “c:\windows”.[/i]

I can’t do that at the moment because I sent it back for testing. I had online support by Dupaco one of your distributor in the Netherlands. They tested a new one and didn’t had any issue with the automatic installment of the driver. I hope the sent me back a nem one. If not
then I will upload the requested file.

Thnx for helping out.

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I’m having the same problem. We bought 5 Anywhere USB hubs. Only 3 are working. They installed the drivers automaticly.

For the other 2 hubs Windows comes with a popup window and asks if I want to install the drivers. This doesn’t work.

Can someone help me?



Hello Johan,

We just replied to your support request that was initiated from our web portal. Please check your e-mail.

Is it possible that you sent that email too, the solutions to the installation problem?

kind regards

Please upload the following screen captures:

  1. AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility
  2. Windows Device Manager (maximized)