Problem with USB Drivers on Win 2003 VM

Hi all,

i installed the AnywhereUSB drivers in a virtual machine with Windows 2003 running. (virtual Server VM & Windows 2003 x86 OS in the VM)
When i connect to a AnywhereUSB/2 device windows try to start the USB driver…but it failed.

Errormessage in Device Manager is that Windows can not start the driver.

Is it possible that this problem occurs because a virtual machine under Microsoft virtual Server have no USB Ports? Ehm because of this we bought a AnywhereUSB device :slight_smile:

Thanks for help
Kind Regards

Hi Andy,

This is an easy one.

You need to get the file “usbd.sy_” from the Windows 2003 disc (probably in the i386 folder) and copy/extract it to c:\windows\system32\drivers on the virtual machine. Then rename it to “usbd.sys”.

Reboot the PC and the AnywhereUSB should install.

hehe it worx :slight_smile:

Thank you for quick solution

The same problem (only a 32bit version) copied the USBD.SYS to the drivers dir but still it is not possible to install the drivers for the AnywhereUSB. Can someone help?

Please upload the “setupapi.log” file that’s in “c:\windows”.

I’m not at the customer this moment, (living in an other timezone) Ask my customer to upload it tomorow.

Thanx for your support

The setupapi.log file

What is the serial number of this AnywhereUSB?