Is anywhereusb 5 (first version) can be used under windows 7 (64bit)

Is anywhereusb 5 (first version) can be used under windows 7 (64bit)? I tried to use ‘Remote HUB configuration utility v 3.71.79’ (the only one installable under 64bit windows). Configuration utility ‘sees’ my usb hubs but can not connect to them. Connection status is always ‘Connecting to this Host PC…’, In device manager – AnywhereUSB remote HUB is shown with error 28 (The drivers for this device are not installed). Driver update does not work neither with automatic update no in manual mode with ‘ionhub.sys’ provided with installation package (Version 3.71 64-bit) –error of manual insallation – ‘this device is not working properly because windows can not load drivers reuired for this device – code 31’


Yes, the legacy / 1st generation AnywhereUSB can be used with Windows 7 64-bit, but you must use an older AnywhereUSB driver, version 3.51.49.

I’ve uploaded the file here for you to download:

AWUSB 64-bit driver v3.51.49

Since you already have the newer v3.71 AWUSB driver installed, you first need to Uninstall it through Windows Programs and Features, then reboot the computer, then run 40002668_K.exe.

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Just copy and paste this into a web browser:


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have installed the Version 3.51.49 on a Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. The Software find the USB Hub but shows me “Remote Hub at x.x.x.x is busy”. I can´t connect to the dongle. The Windows 7 is a KVM installation. Anyone can help?



Thank you very much Jeremym, i downloaded 3.51.49 driver and installed it on "pure / no digi driver at all’ windows7 - unfortunately result is same - windows can not load drive code 31. We just ordered a couple of new generation anywhereusb hubs - and will see either it is a problem of our windows or problem of digi software

The legacy/1st generation AnywhereUSB/5 model is now Obsolete, and we recommend the newer 2nd generation models. I suspect that you will not see this issue with the newer units. Keep in mind that the newer units support the newer drivers, so you should be able to use the current (to date) version 3.71.78 for them on Windows 7 64-bit.

Maybe this KB article will help?