AnywhereUSB/2 on Windows 2012 R2 64-bit VM

Any issues with the AnywhereUSB/2 latest firmware v1.81.1567 and latest driver 3.80.200 on Windows 2012 Standard R2 64-bit VM (HyperV is also Windows 2012 Standard R2 64-bit ) ? Thanks

Hello, are you having problems? I have the same set up as you and cannot connect.

We haven’t tried it yet


I cannot get 3.80.200 to work on either Windows 7 32 bit HyperV Virtual Guest og Windows 2012 R2 HyperV Guest.
Firmware on my Three anywhereUSB/2 is 1.81.1567
also tried downgrading firmware on Devices.

downgrading to driver ver 3.60.60 32 bit Works on my Windows 7 32 bit VM but that driver won’t work on Windows 2012 R2

usb root hub and port Controller is showing in Device manager, but no Connection to License USB dongles

hope they release a new driver for 2012 R2 HyperV soon

with the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility (which is installed with driver 3.80.200), hitting the Connect button allows us to properly see the USB keys. Though not sure if we need to do this everytime the VM is restarted.

This setup should work just fine, as Server 2012 R2 (physical or virtual) is compatible with this AWUSB driver version.

It’s normal behavior to initially have to click the Connect button in the AWUSB Config Util. Afterwards, even if the host computer is rebooted, it should automatically re-connect.