AnywhereUSB/14, Windows Server 2012 drivers

Answer please. I purchased a “AnywhereUSB/14”. I want to use it for Windows Server 2012, but no drivers. Please tell me when they are ready driver? Very necessary)

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I was looking for the same thing in order to make the decision on buying this. The /14’s product site only advertises drivers up to Windows 7 and 2008 (not even R2 or 64bits), but if you go to Digi’s support site:

…and then choose ANY Windows OS (try XP, or Windows 7), you’ll see that this driver seems to be suitable for all versions of Windows. The release notes show a last update from 01-2013, showing the product and its drivers are still actively supported.

It’s strange that the product site is not updated with this information. I recommend Digi to update the technical specs of the AnywhereUSB/14 so that new customers (like me) don’t rule out this solution because they think there’s no 2008R2/2012/64bit support.

So try it and if you have the time, please reply and let me know if it works, so I can safely buy it for all my license-key ‘dongled’ Hyper-V servers. :slight_smile:

Without trying too hard it does look like this does not support server 2012


Windows Server 2012 is now supported for the AnywhereUSB.

The most current (to date) AnywhereUSB driver, version 3.51, added support for Server 2012 as well as Windows 8.

Here are the download links:

32-bit v3.51 AnywhereUSB driver:

64-bit v3.51 AnywhereUSB driver:

Has this issue been corrected.? It does not work for me in Windows 2012. Usb driver issue with usbd.sys in Windows. I don’t want to mess with Windows Permissions to replace this driver. I am fully functional in Windows 7 & Windows 2008 server. What’s the fix?

Hi Tedzy,

What is the exact issue that you’re running into?

Under Device Manager in Windows 2012, I get “unrecognized device”. It’s running in a VM. Works fine on a W2K8 VM server.


What is the unrecognized device correlated to? One of the AnywhereUSB (RealPort USB) components, or an attached USB device? What’s the error message and error code of the unrecognized device?

As requested,
“Driver Management concluded the process to install driver awsys0064.inf_amd64_fc923ce942352dac\awsys0064.inf for Device Instance ID AWUSB\AWUSBRHUB_0002\CONCENTRATOR_#.#.#.# with the following status: 0x2.” Windows event 20001


I’m looking for more basic information at this point. If you look in Windows Device Manager, in the USB category at the bottom, do you have a RealPort USB Host Controller and a RealPort USB Root Hub? If an AnywhereUSB is successfully installed, you should have these 2 components, and they should not have any yellow warning icons. Have we gotten this far? If either of these 2 components have yellow warning icons, please double-click them and then let me know what the error message and error code is.

Under System Devices, yellow excl. point for Remote Hub, and under USB controllers at bottom, nothing that relates to Digi Anywhere.


The behavior you’re seeing seems unusual to me. In order for me to better troubleshoot the issue, could you open a support case with us through our new MyDigi Customer Portal?

Please mention that I was helping you on the forum, and include some screen captures, so I can see what you’re seeing, and I’ll be happy to continue helping you through that channel.