Mass Storage under W2012R2 not detected with AnywhereUSB 14

I am running a new AnywhereUSW 14 under Windows 2012 R2 withnewest Driver and Firmware. I have connected 7 USB hardlocks which run fine. Now I need to add one more hardlock which is also a USB mass storage device. Unfortunately I get a yellow exclamation mark in Windows device Manager saying “cannot start decive (Code 10)”.
I see the same error on another W2012R2, also when i try to connect to a standard usb stick, which is not a hard lock. I also have some USB ports of this device pointing to an old W2003 Server, where this USB hardlock is working well. So for sure it is a W2012R2 issue.

Does someone know how this can be fixed? I read here in the Forum that there is beta driver fixing this, how can I get this Driver?

no answers? no support from vendor? What kind of bad product for 1500 Euros…

The issue should be resolved with the AnywhereUSB 3.54 driver. Digi is currently testing this driver but there is no timeframe when the driver will be released.

Thanks for your answer.

Is there a public 3.54 Driver somewhere to test?

Currently at this time, there is no beta driver for the public.

I’m also waiting for this new driver. Is there any update of an estimated release date yet?

Feb or March timeframe from the information I have heard

Is there any update or driver we can obtain to use this with Server 2012 R2? We have a usb license key we need to attach to a VM but we are getting the same “cannot start device code 10” error when attaching the usb device.

March time frame is the last I heard about the AnywhereUSB driver that will resolve the issue.

The AnywhereUSB 3.60 driver has been released on the Digi Support page. Choose which AnywhereUSB device you have. Then you must select the operating system in the Driver section then select the 32bit or 64 bit driver depending on your operating system.

Great, ist working now with W2012R2. Thanks a lot!

Thanks. This helped resolve my issues!