anywhereusb driver uninstall

Hi, I am trying to update the AnywhereUSB 14 driver on my Windows 2012 R1 server.
When I uninstall it through the configuration Utility it shows a warning concerning Registry cleanup, but no explanation to why. Prior to uninstalling I make sure the connection is removed.

When I then go ahead and install version 3.82.207 i have problems, the Utility says it is connected but I can´t access the USB ports. Device manager shows a warning with Error code 10.

This all works fine on a Windows 2008 R2 server.
The firmware of the Device is really old and I want to update it, but it is stated on the download page that I have to update the drivers first.

My question now at the moment is where can I find the registry Keys to manually delete them?
I am hoping that will solve my problem

Strange, the following article suggests the opposite, the the firmware needs to be updated prior to the driver. At any rate, it looks like there is corruption:

Try removing the driver, search the registry for anywhereusb and awusb and delete them. Remove AnywhereUSB folder reboot the host, then make sure you use administrative privileges when installing the driver.

OK I will give it a try as soon as I can and will report back afterwards.

Well after updating the Firmware the Server is able to connect without any warnings in the device manager, but now all the USB Sticks that were attached previously are not accessible and stated in the Device manager as “Unknown USB Device (Device Failed Enumeration)”

Make sure the latest driver is installed for your USB Sticks. You might want to try and connect the USB Stick directly to the host to see if the same behavior is seen.

Server is a VM, so direct plug in is not an option.
The dongels do not require a driver, also none is given from the distributors.
I tried installing the AnyWhereUSB software on a test server with the same OS and there is no problem there