Getting RealUSB Root Hub cannot connect Error 10 in device manager

I have read through these suggestions and tried several different drivers and it still is not working. driver exists on the server. Looking for more suggestions. Thanks

What firmware level is on the unit? What driver version is on the Windows 10 host.

What status is shown in the AnyWhereUSB Configuration Utility?

Driver on a Windows 2008 R2 Server

Firmware Version: on Device

Says Connected to Host PC Driver status Connection Successful to remote hub

We did test the Dongle on a PC to ensure that it worked.

Generally that means the driver is not installing properly. I would uninstall the AnywhereUSB driver and reboot. Try installing the AnywhereUSB driver again with admin rights.
I would also update to the 1.83 firmware on the AnywhereUSB device.

What dongle is being used? Have you gone through the following knowledge base?