How do we connect AnywhereUSB to Server 2012 R2

We have recently migrated to a Windows Server 2012 R2 install that we need to connect the AnywhereUSB device to. We have installed the Windows Server 2012 64bit drivers and using the AnywhereUSB Remote Hub Configuration Utility shows the device successfully connected.
There are no errors next to the Realport USB Host Controller and Root hub devices that are displayed in Device Manager.
Using the Remote USB Hub Viewer shows the “RealportUSB Host Controller 10...* - 0”(IP Address of device removed) RootHub with both ports displaying NoDeviceConnected.
Connecting back to the old server (Windows 2008) in the Anywhere USB Viewer still shows the device with 2 USB devices attached even though the config utility shows the device is connected to the new server.
We have rebooted the USB/2 device with no change.
Unsure of where to look next.