How to upgrade AnywhereUSB drivers with a very poorly performing Configuration Utility?


Our 2008 R2 Server continually crashes which has been traced to an (admittedly old) AnywhereUSB driver. I’ve downloaded the latest driver and noticed that the existing driver has to be uninstalled via the Config Utility. Unfortunately our Config Utility performs very poorly - i can click on file and 9/10 times nothing appears apart from a Not Responding message and i am unable to uninstall the driver using it.
Given our current driver is causing server crashes and the Config Utility is performing poorly is there a correct way to remove all the AnywhereUSB software and start again? And is the Config Utility included in the driver download as i can’t find it to download anywhere separately?


How do I uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers?

The AnywhereUSB Configuration utility is used to uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers.
Here are step by step instructions to uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers:
1.Click Start
2.Select Programs
3.Select AnywhereUSB
4.Click AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility
5.Click View
6.Click Driver Information
7.Click the Uninstall button
Screenshot of the Driver Information section:
User-added image

 8.    The host computer must be rebooted to complete the Uninstall process.  Click Yes to reboot the host computer immediately, otherwise click No and manually reboot the host computer later.

The AnywhereUSB config utility is included in the AnywhereUSB driver package.

Thanks for the reply - however, as i mentioned, the config utility is not working properly to allow me to uninstall the driver using it.

It starts up and runs and I can see the Hub within it but I cannot click any menu options to do anything. Trying to do so results in the title bar of the app displaying (Not responding) for a minute or two and then it comes back to life without presenting me with the sub menu i clicked on.

Try booting up in safe mode to uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers.

Ensure you have full admin rights on that host computer.

Thanks again - Do you mean boot into Safe Mode and then try to use the Config Utility to uninstall the drivers?


Another option is to manually delete AnywhereUSB folder and search registry for AnywhereUSB to remove those keys. I normally do that as a last resort.

Ok, thanks for the help. The server is a production server so I’ll need to schedule this. I’ll try and have a look this weekend and feedback with an update next week.