Error when starting AnywhereUSB Configuration utility


I just installed the AnywhereUSB driver and as I tried to launch the configuration utility I get the error shown on the attached screenshot. I get this error every time. (I rebooted my PC)

Little help?

Unplug the power adapter from the AnywhereUSB then launch the config util again. Does the config util run this time, or does it crash again?

If it runs, then plug the power adapter back in. Does the config util continue running, or does it crash?

I just tried after unplugging the USBAnywhere completely (power & ethernet) and it makes no difference…

BTW I forgot to mention I’m on Win XP pro SP2.

Does this one run?


Nope, same thing…

What about this one?


Ah yes, this one works!

OK, even though it’s an older version, it should still work with the latest driver. Let me know if you have any other problems.