Windows XP Config Utility 3.30.01 not working


we bought a new AnywhereUSB/14. I installed the latest Config Utility 3.30.01 an a WinXP 32bit machine. This virtual PC is completely patched and the Firewall is inactive. I do not see anything in the config utility.

The WinXP computer is in the same network as the AnywhereUSB and I can access the webinterface.

On an other Windows XP 32 bit virtual computer - same patchlevel and firewall off - I have an AnywhereUSB/2 running with an older config utility v. 3.00.30. There I can see the new AnywhereUSB/14 too.
After I updated this config utility to 3.30.01 I’m not able to see any of the two AnywhereUSB.

In short: On two WinXP machines the new config utility is not working at all. The old version seems to be okay. Does someone have a similar problem ?

Any ideas how to solve it ?

Regards Wolfgang

Try installing the newest version of driver for AUSB from Digi website.