AnywhereUSB/5 drivers not installing properly on virtualized Windows XP 64bit


I have an issue with a virtualized XP 64bit workstation that is trying to connect to a remote AnywhereUSB/5. The configuration utility looks to have installed properly, but when trying to connect to the remote USB device the it says under Host PC Connection status: Connecting to this host PC. It will do this for hours and I can’t seem to cancel it either.

When I look at the device manager under system devices the following all have ‘!’ points next to them.

Network Attached USB Enumerator
Microcode Update Device
Logical Disk Manager

Click properties on them gives me this error code:

The software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)

I’ve attempted to re-install the drivers but no luck.

Any advice?



Which AWUSB driver version are you running? To determine this, run the AWUSB config util, click View / Driver Information and note the version of the first file “awusbsys64.sys”.

Hi jeremym,

Here’s the info from the AWUSB config util

08/13/2010 14:40:12
RemoteHub System Driver 64 bit

OK, you’re running the current release AnywhereUSB driver, which is compatible with Windows XP 64-bit.

Considering that’s a strange error message (at least regarding AWUSB installations) and that you’re seeing that error message for other non-AWUSB components, I suspect that the cause of the issue is “somehow” related to that computer and not our driver.

I suggest researching that error code through web searches, to see what typically causes is and what some suggested resolutions are.