AnywhereUSB on Windows XP 64 bit

Hello, I am trying to install AnywhereUSB on Windows XP 64 bit, runing in ESX Server 3.01. I have installed it successfully on standard XP SP2 in ESX server before without issue. The message I am getting is:

CallClassInstaller(REGISTERDEVICE)Failed with an error code of: 0xe0000235

Also, I am starting to test Vista in ESX 3.01 and I was wondering what I could do to Beta test drivers for Vista?




The AnywhereUSB driver is only compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 32-bit.

Any possibility of having Anywhere USB drivers made for WinXP64? I have a real need here and if this is possible, I could be able to deploy 2-3 of this device.



Please update your e-mail address in your profile and I’ll have a sales rep contact you about this.

Did anything happen with this? I posted in,5032#16196 but it looks like this was a better place. We could really use the 64bit drivers…

Unfortunately, we only have a 32-bit AnywhereUSB driver at this time. I’ll have a sales rep e-mail you to discuss your application and let you know when we expect a 64-bit driver to be available. Apologies for the inconvenience.