I have a problem with AnywhjereSUB and windows7.

In the AnywhereUSB Remote HUB Configuration Utility I can find the USB HUB and I can connect to the device.

But then I recieve the next message :

Driver Status: Can not find Rmote Hub at

I did turn off my firewall, what else can I do?

The Systemstatus LED is flasing green and the 5 LED are flasing in a loop.

Sorry for my bad english.

Does anyone have any idea?


Please refer the below knowledge base article.


Have you tried to right click and run as admin on the Config Util? AFAIK, you need to be admin to add/remove the hub but you can be a user to use the hub.

Try resetting the device to factory default and also update the device with newer firmware and driver.

Good afternoon! There is AnywhereUSB-14, with it the key is thrown into the virtual machine Vmvare. The key hangs and the status of the Can not find Remote Hub hangs, updated drivers to 3.95, now does not connect at all, and even after reboot, OS in the W2012R2 virtual machine, tell me what to do.

I spent the past two weeks looking for a solution to this problem. I could not reset my AnywhereUSB-14 to the default settings, since it’s all full of keys. In the end, after visiting many sites, I found the answer that helped me, the thing is that my W2012P2, substituted its standard driver for RealPort, instead of the Digi Driver, I reinstalled it manually, more details from the picture (